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Hooray! [Jan. 23rd, 2006|01:18 pm]
To commemorate two years of social dancing and bad behaviour, Killing Fantasy willl be holding a punk rock prom and whilst we don’t ask you to come in fancy dress, we’d sure like it if you dressed fancy! The Killing Fantasy DJs will be spinning all your favourite Riot Grrrl, New Wave, Indie, Punk, Pop, Electro and Sleazy Rock n Roll records along with anything else which takes your fancy!

Joining us for our soiree are Jean Genet (http://www.myspace.com/jeangenet ) who are fresh from playing a date at Club Motherfucker and shows with Scream Club and Gravy Train. This queer electro duo are rude, nude and the best thing to come from Leeds since Jimmy Saville… miss them at your peril! There will also be free booze for the fanciest frocks, birthday freebies and of course, lots of dancing and falling over. As usual, Killing Fantasy will be at The Retro Bar on Sackville Street (near to 5th Ave, The BBC and Joshua Brooks), entry is £3 and there'll be fun from 10-2.

Come and celebrate the end of your exams or just to get drunk and dance!